Things To Do In Destiny 2’s Tangled Shore

Destiny 2's Tangled Shore is a mysterious new frontier to explore but you'll need some help.  The Destiny veterans over at Planet Destiny have put together a guide to all the major points of interest you need to visit during your time exploring this wild new zone. The Tangled Shore is located near Nessus in one of its many interdimensional rifts, so load up on ammo and Glimmer before you go!

Complete the campaign and explore the new areas

The campaign in Destiny 2: Forsaken is a thrilling experience that will take you to some of the new areas on the Tangled Shore. Once you've completed the campaign, be sure to explore all of the new areas and complete the side-quests and activities to earn rewards.


Collect items for your new ship - the Ace of Spades

The Ace of Spades is a new ship that you'll want to collect items for as soon as possible. The first step is to find the three schematics for the ship. These schematics can be found in three different locations on the Tangled Shore, and you'll need to complete a task at each location to get them.

       The first schematic is located in the Hall of Souls. To get it, you'll need to kill 50 enemies with precision shots.

       The second schematic is located in the Siren's Watch. To get it, you'll need to complete the "Deathless" milestone.

       The third schematic is located in The Spider's Den. To get it, you'll need to decode four Encrypted Cache Keys.

Getting all three schematics will reward you with a powerful "Ace of Spades" ship.

Take on Public Events and Raid Lairs

In addition to exploring the new areas and completing the campaign, you'll also want to take on Public Events and Raid Lairs. These activities are a great way to earn rewards and progress your character.

  1. Public Events are short, cooperative challenges that can be completed by up to six players. Completing Public Events will reward you with experience, loot, and reputation with the various factions in Destiny 2.
  2. Raid Lairs are longer, more difficult challenges that require a team of players to complete. Raid Lairs offer some of the best rewards in Destiny 2: Forsaken, so be sure to give them a try!

Defeat enemies to earn reputation with different factions

The Tangled Shore is home to several different factions that you can earn reputation with by defeating various enemies and completing activities. You'll need to complete a series of quests for each faction before you're able to purchase their Legendary gear, but the rewards are well worth it!

Collect powerful weapons and armor

The Tangled Shore is a wild new zone, so of course it's home to some powerful new weapons and armor. In addition to new Exotics, the area is also home to brand-new Legendary weapons that you can add to your collection.

Play Crucible matches to rank up and get new gear

In addition to the other activities mentioned above, you can also rank up in the Crucible by playing matches. This is a great way to get new gear and progress your character.

The Crucible is a competitive multiplayer mode in Destiny 2 that pits teams of players against each other in various game modes. You'll earn experience and rewards by winning matches, and you'll need to rank up to access some of the best gear in the game.

Where to find cabal on tangled shore

The Cabal are a faction of enemies that you'll find on the Tangled Shore. They're located in The Spider's Den, and you'll need to decode four Encrypted Cache Keys to get to them.


The Tangled Shore is a new zone in Destiny 2: Forsaken that offers plenty of activities and rewards for players. The area is home to several different factions, including the Cabal, which you can earn reputation with by defeating enemies and completing activities.


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